Shaun The Sheep's PicKnit Challenge

Do you fancy knitting some foody fare for a life-sized kntted picnic exhibition in the UK?
The initiative for "Shaun The Sheep's PicKnit Challenge" has been spawned in the UK by Aardman, creator of Shaun the Sheep, together with the UK Hand Knitting Association, Simply Knitting magazine and ICHF exhibitions.

They are asking fiber-fanciers everywhere to gather some friends for a real-life picnic & together create all manner of knitted picnic food for the Autumn exhibitions. "Bring your needles and yarn and a real picnic and you can get cracking on your own creations towards the mega Knitted Picnic whilst socialising and raising money for the Wallace & Gromit Children’s Foundation at the same time. "(The foundation raises funds to improve the quality of life for children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.)Click here for more info.

Like some Knitted food inspiration? Cool patterns for cupcakes, sandwiches, & other yummmy yarrnnny creations!!


Paula said...

Hi! I loved your work!!!
the yarns are fantastic not to mention the colours. Congratulations!


wooldancer said...

hey! thanks *so* much paula! sorry for taking so long to reply too - i'm not getting my comment notifications!! CraZy!!


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