New Handpainted Sock Yarns at One Planet Yarn & Fiber!

Yes! The long-awaited shipment is now in store!

"Toe Bedazzled" yarn is absolutely Divine -

Hand selected pure Australian longwool,
spun with a high twist that will keep your pointy dpn's happy,
processed chemical free,
then handpainted in 9 new dreamy colourways by moi!

"Toe Bedazzled" Wooldancer Sock Yarn
- the Ultimate luxury for your toes!!

Fairy Dust -

Watermelon Zen -

Pilgimage -

Ginger -

Sacred Space -

Moonbeams -

Twilight Skies -

Windsong -

Candy Hearts -
Toe Bedazzled! Wooldancer Sock Yarn -

Adorn your toes Today!

now in store at:

look in the Indie Worldwide section for the Wooldancer store!


thespunmonkey said...

those are such beautiful colorways. i can't even pick a favorite! i knit one sock, many moons ago...and there it sits, mateless and melancholy. maybe someday i'll pick up those tiny sticks again...

Leeanne said...

Your yarns are soo beautiful.

wooldancer said...

ditto shannon (ack) this is a labour of love in honour of my sock-knitting sista!

wooldancer said...

oohh leanne - thank you *s0* much for your comment *-* yarn hugs!


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