Korowal EnviroFest, Blue Mtns - Sat 22nd Sept 2007

I am thrilled to be attending the Korowal EnviroFest this weekend.. this will be my first actual proper market stall, so I am a little nervous, slightly crazy about having enough stock prepped, and totally excited to be able to just BE there to spin up some eco-fibers!!

ok, so there should be some Felting Batts, Wilde Fiber Spinning Batts,
handdyed Soy silk & Bamboo rovings,
a few handdyed yarns, and *fingers crossed* some Handspun Art Yarn's,
aswell as some Children's Felt Balls, Needle felting books including 'From Factory to Fantasy' by the most splendid Goddess of Needlefelting Ayala Talpai,
I also have a few copies of Pluckyfluff's 'Handspun Revolution',
and some handknitted scarves on a special end-of-season sale
- all hanging out with me & my trusty Ashford Traveller.

It is entirely possible that i will be scrambling it all together last minute considering I have the twinsies every day until Saturday.. but that makes it all the more interesting huh!! I think we'll be learning how to pack cello bags with colourful wool-fluff for our morning craft activities this week!! Imogen is already fairly adept at making treasure beads from the fluff that mysteriously finds its way into the toy stash ~ & she is currently spashing in the rinse buckets with her water-buddy Mas.

Soooooo - If you are in the Blue Mountains this coming weekend, come along for a look-see.. There will be heaps of local businesses to check out, from sustainable lifestyle, healing sessions, childrens workshops, some fantastic local handmade products & more more more!!

Hopefully I'll see you there *-*


Jean La Rue said...

I so enjoy your reading your blog. Always something interesting & unique. Your handspun yarns are exquisite. I "tagged" you my my blog. Check it out at http://3bagsfulled.blogspot.com/2007/09/tagged-im-it.html

Jean La Rue (Pzorkit)
"I'm a fool for a good yarn"

wooldancer said...

yikes!! i'm a little shakey - wow, to have been tagged is pretty special huh!!(thank you sweet diva) ok - i'm on to it *-*

thespunmonkey said...

how did it go???????

michelle la Wooldancer said...

oh my! monkeymama it was amaZing!! i'll email you ok, but i loved seeing reactions to my yarns et al.. your advise totally rang true.. so glad i whipped myself into gear. it was a lotta work, like up to 3am lotta work, but worth it for sure.. perhaps the 1st of many more to come!!

Melinda said...

Wish I could have been there - sounds amazing. Go the mountains! (I'm an old mountains girl myself)


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