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just a swift check-in before i venture beachward-bound.. it's holiday time here for 2 weeks (meaning i have all 3 munchkins to play with each & every day all by myself - yay!) So, we're off on a mini-camping holiday with my little famdamily.. believe me a break is soooooooooooooooooooooo hearted right now.. i wont go into the details here..but - here's a quick summary of what's happening around back of the the wooldancin' stage:

* the market was a hoot!! i met some amazing people, whom loved to chat about the renewable fibers - soy silk always gets a perplexed look like, what the? made from tofu?? so t'was loads of fun chatting about spinning & dyeing & other fibery mischief! There was also some interest in me holding some spinning/dyeing/knitting workshops - i have been considering getting them underway early in the new year, so now i'm on to it! Photos to be posted when i return from hols.

* there will be a huge etsy store update soon after i return, all renewed from camping i expect! keep your eye out for some Wilde Fiber Batts, gorgeous ooak yarns & needlefelting goodness (i know i have been saying that for a while, but i am finally kicking myself into gear!!)

* my lovely swapee's - i shall be finally posting off your packages as soon as i return - i promise *-*

* custom orders are churning out, & i'll be in touch early next week via etsy Convo, okedokilie!!

i have a mountain of things to accomplish before 9am tomorrow, like pack, spin a custom, take deep breaths, & wrangle my little munchkins..oh, bring on the baby-sitter i swear!!
lol, Michelle.
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yarn hugs


art4friends said...

can i just say
i absolutely love your banner
and your etsy shop looks beautiful!

wooldancer said...

YEEE! you bowled me over! Thank You! I love feedback..& you are the first person to leave a comment about my banner, so thanx heaps!! yarn hugs to you *-* Michelle.


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