change - the only constant

last night my gorgeous, hard-working & dedicated man was shunted by his employer. from nowhere, out of the abyss, yup.. totally shafted right out of a job. no notice. about to record the James Blunt interview he worked his butt off all day to prep, he was ordered to pack up a cardboard box & be out in 10. like?? what the? no reason backing it.. my huz is the best studio manager in town.. worth every cent (to people who appreciate the years of experience & expertise with the craft he holds). obviously not this sly green employer.

& thanks to John Howard's new IR Laws, employers now think they have rights to just kick employees in the gutz & tell them to walk - no rhyme or reason - no warning. just f*#king shameless, razor edge swords in hand ..grinding down the goodness in honest, hardworking people.

the energy it takes to be angry with uncompassionate w*nkrs is not worth it. but the thud of reality, mortgage, feeding the family hits hardest. nope. nothing filling the coffers today, nor tomorrow.. all our 3 children's birthdays are in the next 2 weeks, followed by christmas a month later, and the idiots don't even offer to see him to the next pay-check. It's a claim for unfair dismissal that will join thousands filed in the last year since the new "Law" came into operation.

with the Federal election coming up in 5 weeks, you bet your life there will be thousands of people shafted out of a job dodging the government vote. It's maddening, that they have granted employers the right to put families on the breadline without an ounce of warning, nor justifiable reason. it all boils down to greed, & the Liberals perpetuate the swelling numbers of hunger on the streets, dishevelled downtrodden once perfectly average citizens, in one fowl swoop of an unjust law. bastards. truely.

this lyric sums it all up:
*where did the compassion go? Your answer to happiness is in making people jobless now so that You can devour their paycheck?? all because money ought to buy more happiness, right? WRONG mr politician. you're seeing in gold coloured glasses. and you want to close down the Union's now? so we, the people, have nowhere to run to, when you sweep away the pay? the rich get richer while You take spoons from poor.. but You'll be alright mate - we're just a number on paper, blind statistic to You - we're not human beings with feeling & decency to live an honest authentic life.. and you give me more anti-depressents, tell me it'll be alright when i wake from the haze. your seeing in gold coloured glasses..

& however, despite this, we feel a monkey has been lifted from our backs, despite not knowing where the next months coin is coming from, there is a strange sense of freedom we feel now.. to recreate our working life again. to see this as an opportunity we are ready for right now, to transform this challenge into the best opportunity that is happening to us. no more leaving at 5.30am not to return home until the children are in bed by 7pm. no more exhaustion from travelling 4hours to & from work 5 days a week. no more threats of "you should be having sleepless nights worriying about making more money for this business" when the job description clearly advertised "TVProduction Studio Manager", not "Sales & Marketer".

a door has opened for us, & we are ready to embrace what lies before us as an exciting new territory, a chance to write a new script for our journey. thankful for the opportunity to relinquish the dishonest people in our lives, and search for new work-connections that recognize & appreciate our contribution to making a living & carving out an honest lifestyle.


Taphophile said...

Beyond words at the heartless and cynical manner of your husband's dismissal and completely in awe of the wonderful way you are dealing with it. I do so hope a wonderful opporutity opens up soon.

wooldancer said...

thank you Taph..we're trusting that 'good thoughts' manifest fruitful opportunities..

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

That faith will definitely serve you well, wooldancer! Enjoy your freedom and trust your intuition...and above all...keep dancing! :)

wooldancer said...

i shall hold your wise words close Bettina ~ i am dancing ever more energetically now, as I & my fiber have just been elevated to sole provider status! oh my ganesha!!

hokey said...

Such a sad sad thing to happen to you but it is so beautiful that you can see so many positives and view this as an opportunity! Good luck to you both, you sound like you really deserve lovelyness!

Melinda said...

Sorry to hear about this - I agree, the laws that allow this sort of thing are appalling. Hopefully your story will inspire others to do something about it (perhaps at the polls). Meanwhile, I pray things work out for your family over the next few months. Thinking of you.

michelle la Wooldancer said...

thank you Hokey and Melinda, your heartfelt wishes are dearly appreciated *-*


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