New Art Yarns Workshop Invite & felt fairy house progress

time for some pix seeing this blog has been rather text heavy lately! I am felting a fairy playhouse for my sweet little Imogen's 3rd birthday present (her twin brother Maz is most likely getting a mushroom gnome house version too).. here is the prefelt detail for the outside. I'm carding loads of batts to felt this onto, so as to make the felt thick n sturdy.. i have a sketch of the house that hasn't made its way onto the scanner as yet, hopefully next post.

I also wish to thank all of you who have sent well-wishes for our new income situation.. your thoughts are deeply felt & certainly appreciated by Marcel & I. We are moving onward & upward, with some freelance on the not too distant horizon (yipee!). The children & I have loved spending the days as a whole family again, & i know Marce is relishing the beautiful moments he can now spend playing, belly laughing & cuddling his children.. the day job just doesn't allow for focusing on these times as being the most precious in a parent's life.. hopefully if we can drum up enough freelance, fickle as it can be, we may opt out of doing the full-time job thing - here's looking skyward!

I just wanted to share that I received a call last night from the NSW Spinners & Weavers Guild inviting me to hold a workshop on Spinning Art Yarns! woohoo!! can you feel my elation? Now i'm prepping for the workshop, deciding on the techniques I'll include and working out possible dates.. so,

Do you want to join me Spinning Spunkilicious Art Yarns at the Workshop?

At this stage it will be a one day workshop at the Guild rooms in Burwood, Sydney, held on a Saturday possibly in Feb/March 2008 - date still to be confirmed. I will be emailing my newsletter list with the details as soon as we have it all sussed out, and of course i'll be blogging about it all here too. If you are keen to come along, comment here, or email me wooldancer(at)gmail(.)com , or sign on to my newsletter in the side margin.

I'd like to cover as many techniques as time will allow, and will work on spicing up singles & various plying techniques. So far I have had requests for supercoils, beehives & coilsprings. Other things i'm thinking of covering are add-ins (ie. fabric strips, sequins, felted flowers etc); spinning with elastic core thread and some free-play drum- carding experiments if time allows. The use of colour & yarn design using these techniques will be discussed, as well as potential uses for unorthodox yarns.

If you have a particular style or technique that you have been wishing to learn/enhance/play with, then you are welcome to make suggestions for me to demo the technique in the workshop, see above for contact info.

Fluffnormous hugs to you *-*
Michelle la wooldancer

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