etsy October Update

is now in progress.. i plan to upload new fibery-goodness periodically until November 1st. I have lots of freshly made items to pop up this update:

I have half-a-dozen Wilde Fiber Batts
* 9 Handspun Art Yarns, including 4 SPUNky bamboo yarns with add-ins,
* 3 Handpainted Bamboo tops,
* 4 Handpainted Soy Silk tops,
* 1 set of Handpainted Bombyx Silk tops,
* also, I am having a destock Studio Sale on some of my yarns that must be cleared to new homes - a long overdue
Studio Space Sale!
Carnival Girl - handspun Navajo 3ply merino

Chai Spice is a yarn + tea set! Handspun merino with silk and FREE Sampler of Chai Tea

bamboo yumminess -being listed tomorrow!

FREE offerings: All friends who Join on to my Wooldancing Newsletter receive a free 28gr/1oz handcarded batt with each order - sweeet treats! If you prefer to play with yarn I'll spin it for you no probs - be sure to enter the CODE from my latest Newsletter!

I also have a beautiful New pair of 10mm/US15 wooden knitting needles to gift to the first customer who purchases any 3 yarns in the one order. Made by Milward in the UK, these needles are a dream to knit with, not too weighty with rounded tips for a smooth glide onto the needle, & puuurfect for knitting with my thick 'n snuggly handspuns - you'll be cruisin' to get your knit on!

Next update November 3 - 16, as part of the etsyFAST TrunkShow Sale & Celebration:

Don't forget to pop into the etsy store for fluffilicious wooldancing treats,
sure to keep your hands & heart warm this season *-*

*Happy Christmas Crafting my wooldancing friends*

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