twinnies turn 3!

It has been a massive week leading up to this joyous, momentous occasion. We Celebrated my twinnies birthday on Friday**yeeee** .. my sweet Imogen & Maslen are 3 - I totally can't believe how each day they shine brighter & bigger than i could have imagined all that time ago when they were just sweet peas in my pod!

I call them my Ying & Yang twins! They truely are amazing individuals discovering life together & seeing it through the eyes of two very connected and deeply unique souls. It is beyond Special to be witness to 2 little sprites growing through the early years of life together.. I really am so blessed by their Being in my life, choosing me as their mother.. It is a lot of work needless to say, the emotional grapples of little children are huge.. but at the end of each day I can truely thank the Universe and my dear ones, Imi and Maz, for offering me this amazing life journey. .. but without further ado, here are some pix in Celebration of the blessed day my twins, Maslen & Imogen gracefully entered the world, on 2nd November 2004.
:::::FIBER FLASH!:::::
My sincere apologies for the interruption to my etsy store listings. Besides being amidst my October etsy update that has by defult run into November, I had to focus double-time on creating Handmade birthday gifts (btw, have you taken the Handmade Gift pledge yet?)

& voi la! Handmade gifts aplenty:
Here is the Felt Fairy House, finished in the depths of the early morning before the sun rose on their birthday (3.30am to be exact!) The pix are fuzzy due to 3 hours sleep *-* i know you'll understand!

I decided to card five 50gr white batts as my base, and felted the afore pictured (see previous post) pre-felt design onto the white batts. I made it up as a huge rectangle because i envisioned it being a cylinder with a lid. Here is Imogen peeking though the back door. The front door has a turquoise crystal door handle, & I'm thrilled the archway actually stayed arch-shape through the vigorous process of rolling, throwing, rolling... The little flower-leaf roof for the house lifts up for optimal access.. it was a little rushed tho due to the wee hours of the a.m.. it was last on the to-do list. I'll reshape it so it peaks a little more [yah, i'm a perfectionist]

And, Maz's felt Mushroom house for his gnomes. I just *love* this one, but i think i need to get some textile medium onto it, as i didn't have time to make as many layers as i would have liked & it sort of bows around the doorway. Same concept as for the Fairy House, but the roof is way better constructed (such a self-critic).

I confess to actually cutting a pattern & using a template for the semi-circle. it took a lot of peptalking myself into using a pattern tho.. patterns are sooooooooo not my thing - i just improvise on everything (i would actually like to be able to use patterns tho, please don't get me wrong here!) I think i either trained myself out of putting everything in boxes, so to speak, going by the main grain, walking the straight line (i think you get what i mean), that now i can see some value in guidance (yes, that is what i shall call it). possibly a whole new way of working could open up for me.. i have considered the possibilities many times, but something sways me from the mould. hmmmmm. it probably says a lot about me: possibly just a boho hippy from art school who has been untaught too many things.. or possibly lazy.. or possibly far-out-right-brainer..or all of the above. yeah, anyway.. i can follow patterns, i just don't choose to..except for the mushroom house, oh & maybe for these gauntlet mitts too.. & oh, i forgot to mention Ravelry.. I have just begun to que patterns - sheesh *_*


Taphophile said...

Happy birthday to Imogen and Maslen! Their gifts are just wonderful. So imaginative and thoughtful - filled with a mother's love.

faun said...

what a wonderful birthday - beautiful gifts + all!

michelle la Wooldancer said...

oh yes.. the value of homemade gifts speaks a thousand blessings from the heart & soul, imbibed with meaning & love. even if i had all the money in the world to buy gifts, they would be handmade be others, or made by me anyhow *-"
thank you taph & faun for your wishes
and lovely comments ::smiles::

kneek said...

This is an amazing project. I am wowed by your ambition. Well executed. It looks fabulous. BTW, there is nothing wrong with a little perfectionist streak - everything you make is better for it. I'm still full of Wow.


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