Open it..Open it..Open it UP! my little story of Intertwined & the coiller

Most of the yarn-iverse has by now heard of Lexi's newest compendium that has hit the scene.

Intertwined: The Art of Handspun yarn, Modern Patterns & Creative Spinning is one helluva compilation showcasing a diverse, talented & rich contemporary handspinning community, and puts ART YARN up in lights. If you spin, knit, crochet, freeform or love the feel of fiber, then this book is a must-have for your coffee-table.. it is simply not worthy of a bookshelf - this book deserves the central-most location in your household, studio & on the kitchen table. It's a little big & heavy to be carting around all day in your bag, but i'm gonna try!

i'm still breathless that Lexi included my Coiller in the book.. FLIP! my first yarn pattern published in print form! It's a Celebration, & I'm not holding back the glee, 'cos it's just *so* humbling to be part of the global handspun revival that has us all excited about YARN-creation in megalithic, stellar capacities.. & this book is a remarkable celebration of the galactic creative potential for handspun yarn making.. i'd go as far as to say the book validates the very reason why we WAHM's sit up late, sleepless by the wheel to play with fluff-balls of fiber till moonlit early hours in order to make yarn-art! & so here it is, a peek at my debut in print:
The Wooldancer Coiller
A purely handspun accessory - made right on the bobbin from supercoil yarn, it's a spinner's delight! The Coiller has no need for hooks or needles, in fact, if you can spin, you can make this in 20mins & go to dinner with a brand spankin' accessory to boot! It's HOT wearable fiber art, a cinch to make, and looks AMAZING any way you coil the coils!

images courtesy of the lovely mandie

You can grab a copy of Intertwined in Australia from ScribblyGumBooks, or if you are brave go to amazon (i won't bore you with the fact they lost my copy in the post ) BUT, my lost copy arrived this morning, on Valentines Day OMG!, so i'm off to ogle at all the wonder that is between the covers of Intertwined *-* Grab a cuppa & join me - Intertwined will change your spinning world [whirled], & elevate you to spun-out heights for sure!


faun said...

good for you - i'm excited for you :) well deserved ma'am...

robyn said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in this amazing book! It's funny that you said that about carrying it in your purse. I've been carrying mine in my bag/purse ever since I got it in January, along with my sketchbook, current magazines, ipod, camera, etc. (ya know, all the regular stuff). I had a dentist appointment and my hygenist picked up my bag to move it out of the way, and from then on she just couldn't stop talking about how heavy my bag way, that I didn't need to carry "EVERYTHING" with me all the time, that maybe I could leave my bag in my car and just carry a small purse when I'm out, that it is probably causing my back to be out of alignment, and list the goes on. Nothing she could say would keep me from carrying it though. I have also, somehow withstood the willpower of (um, insert something with a lot of willpower here, lol) and have not torn through the pages of the book yet, but slowly absorbed all the text and images when I have the time to devote absolutely to it.


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