Urban Excavation Effect #1 - the lotus effect

I was out of action last week being mother-bird to my 3 littles who were all home from school with the dreaded lurgy. I rarely set them all up infront of the screen, we have made the choice to have very limited viewings.. and that decision was only implemented when my first-born was 3years old & coincided with mama bringing 2 newborn babies home.. my coping mechanism screamed louder than my ideals for the "no tv" rule that persisted up till then), but Charlie & Lola was a welcome distraction from them all feeling so yuk, and also meant i could set to some chores.. seeing i knew there was not going to be any wooldancing with the entire crew all at home, tv or no tv..

Take it from me that when you set your sick kid to lie on the new re-housed (thank you susie!) Ikea Nikkala couch, that you, unlike I, ought to procure a bucket nearby in case the inevitable were to happen. well vomit she did, right on the couch. calm. breathe. remain calm in face of a storm, the mantra chimed in my head. don't panic, the covers are washable afterall. So, in a very smooth, buddha-mama style, i proceeded to the task, trying my best to hold in my ferocious tiger-mum that was growling on the inside. quite irrevocably mind you. but when i took the cover off, the most auspicious thing revealed itself!
a whole bag full of feathery down feathers. little did i know there were hundreds of these little gems, astray from the innards of the cushion-top.. they floated around the room as i gently peeled off the cushion cover & revealed dozens! i was so taken by the prospect for a (da na na) Urban Excavation project, that i forgot all about the grossness of cleaning up vomit.
yup.. what better use for a whole bag of clean, upcycled duck-downy feathers, than to make some fiberlicious batts! woot!! i'll be wooldancin' after all!!

i chose some locally carded natural-coloured heathery grey merino top, replete with noil & earthy naturalness to match the colours in the feathers. Coupled with a handdyed roving i dyed ages ago & have been hoarding.and made beautimundo feather-light batts!
Ahhh! i LOVE it when a good thang rises from the murky depths.. very "lotus-like" wouldn't you say?

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tiina said...

This has to be one of the most beautiful batts I've seen, what a great use for excavated feathery fluff!
(I hope the littleuns feel better soon!)


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