wooldancer Woolly Wednesday Update now rolling

update time again spindiva's.. get your shimmy on down to the etsy store for some lovely handdyed vegan fibers tonight.

Colliers will most definitely, without further ado, appear in the next few days.. & oh my! they are all AmaZing!

and lastly, a shout out for the first Wooldancer Stash Party of the year, set for
12/13 April! rescheduled due to school holiday chaos.. now set for woolly wednesday 23rd April.. stay tuned for loads of wonderful yarn & fiber offerings..
yeah, get your bootie on my friends, i will be cleaning out the fiber stash & passing the goods your way!

see you real soon *-*

1 comment:

Anne said...

I'm sooo excited! I love the Purpleheart Collier - purple and green together are my favourite colours, although hmmmm..., I think it might be a bit dangerous to wear around litte Loopity Lou. hahahaha:)


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