Ashford Country Spinner!

[EDIT]: SOLD - Country Goddess has a NEW OWNER, and she will be very happy with the sheepies at a very wonderful, animal friendly Aussie farm *-* Jane will be wooldancing her heart away, to the cheers of her un-mulsed woolly friends. Please do check out her farm pix , & her lovely farm-fresh handdyed fiber too while you're there!

Thanks to everyone who connected with me about your interest and who left comments - I truly appreciate you all.

i know this is pretty dramatic, i mean, who in their right mind would sell their Country spinner? well, dear friend, believe me when i say, It's not entirely all my idea.. but really, it's crunch time around here.. so

Here she is, my Country Goddess, looking for a new spunky spin*star to keep her twirling out the good stuff!

The Ashford Country Spinner is re-known for her huge-normous 1kg (2.2lb) bobbin capacity & larger than life 2.3cm (7/8") orifice, and really requires no introduction.. but just to tickle your fancy a little more..
  • practically like new
  • double treadle: runs like a dream
  • 4:1 ratio, perfect for super bulky thick & thin handspun,
  • king o the jungle bobbin, just goes & goes & goes.. you can fit up to ten 100gr skeins on this baby - all at once! So if you spin for production, this baby is perfect.
  • weighs in at 6.6 kilos, so she is still light enough to travel with.. i take her to workshops when we need to work with the BIG orifice..
  • BIG orifice (just thought i had to mention that again for the art yarnies) because you just won't have trouble fitting most knick-knacks thru that mama, oh no
  • stained a lovely deep brown tinged with red.. possibly called mahogany. yummy.
additional pictures at flickr

* my only request is that i would prefer to sell her in Australia (forgive me please if you live OS).. she is just *so* heavy to send.. but if you really want to pursue it, save your pennies for the shipping cost.

You're in luck however, if you happen to live in Australia.. postage estimate is around $10-40+ depending on where you live. I will flat pack her, but because she is already assembled it would make life easier for both you & i if she could remain intact & we could arrange pick-up/drop off. just sayin.
price is AUD$450, make me your best offer.. she's nigh AUD$600 new, be quick, if you want to spin out your dreams with her!

so, you want to know why i am selling her?
i actually own 4 wheels.. yes, i do need to take a pic of them all together, as a family, before she moves on (sob). I mostly spin on two of them. i favour my Ashford Traveller with Jumbo flyer. I learnt on her, and we SING together.. she understands me, and i her. and we are a team. we go wooldancin together most evenings. and then there is my newly acquired Poly wheel, whom is yet to make her debut appearance on my blog, but she & i are thick as thieves as only new aquaintances can be, and being a delta type, she doesn't actually have an orifice to "deal" with.. plus she is travel savvy too, and my newest toy.
My Country Goddess is swoonable & i will miss her terribly, but i really don''t find i am using her like i thought i would, and we are dry as a drought-filled river round here right now, so i have to let her go. sob.

so if you are her new owner.. please be good to her, won't you? she comes with many skeins of love in her past & many many more in her future ahead. *-*
spin on, Michelle xo


Snowberry & Lime said...

*drool* day..... but I am also one of the happy owners of an Ashford (traditional thoguh) with jumbo flyer, and they just rock!

Hope you will find a great new home for it. :)


inkberryblue said...

I'm glad your spinner found a good home. I inherited a wheel last year but it hasn't been used yet ~ I haven't spun for years and have to set myself up. It's nice to come here and get all inspired! There's an award for you on my blog, by the way.

Wooldancer said...

hey thanks veronika, glad you popped by.. i am attached by the hip to my jumbo!

inkberry.. you make me blush.. an award? well, that's totally unexpected! You will find your spinning mojo: pick up some batts & you'll be soon addicted to the wooldance *-* xo


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