live gigs - do you dance?

let's talk about dancing. not wooldancing, cos all fiberistas know at least the basic steps to get a good twist happening.. no. I want to know about shakin' your bootie.. does anyone here go see a band and not actually dance?

i'm curious because i went on a date last night
. (blushing) yeah.. with my partner, who is incidentally the father of my/our 3 children.. he's amazing (but that's another story). So, with free tickets at the door, & my future hubby by my side, we rocked up to Pete Murray's album launch. It's a media gig for Monday Night Live, one that my partner is often Production Manager at, but chose instead to attend as a punter so as i could have a boogie partner. yippee.

Anyway, after getting over the shock at current Sydney bar prices, we get stuck into a few red wines.. which is fortunate actually, because i'm playing 'handbag' whilst Mr says hello to all the crew & whoeverheknows.. i'm limbering up for a boogie.

After the interviews for kids music shows, drivelling answers like: "what's your fav song from the new album" & me saying.. "well tonight's the album launch honey, go figure i've not heard it yet!" & "what's the best thing about Pete Murray" & me totally unprepared for appearing on camera says "his sublimity of tone" ..*ha*..
The show kicks off an hour & a half after we all arrive.. no doubt so as to give all the SonyBMG crowd enough time to get slobbered at the bar with their free drink cards.. an effort my man informs me, is to lubricate the crowd so they'll look good on camera - you know, shaking their bootie n stuff.

or not.

i swear, i'm the only chick letting my body feel the groove. umm : live music.. subime tunes coming from the stage.. what else is there for it - dance people dance. i'm thinkin the next few upbeat tunes & everyone will be jumping up & down in classic crowd fashion rockin the floor. but no. i'm there, up the back near the mixing desk by default & out of camera view, shaking my bootie.. & i swear people must think i'm tripping or else, just a middle-aged raver from way back (which may be true). Back in my early twenties, only 15years ago mind you, the crowds at a gig just totally went off. I don't know if it's a "Gen-Y" thing.. or are people really that self-conscious? Excepting the girlie fanclub in the front-row, the audience are stagnant, as if standing up at a boring lecture or something. oh man. no pics of me sorry, Mr was too busy grooving beside me doing the Melbourne shuffle.. OH wait - It must be a Sydney thing.. right.. 'cos if this gig was in Melbourne, the crowd would undoubtedly be movin' to the beats for sure. oh, how i miss my hometown!

anyhow.. go watch the concert & tell me if you would have been by my side, feeling the music & letting your body go. All i know is, I'm 35 with 3 kiddos & i don't get many opportunities to go see a live band much nowadays, so i'm gonna make the most of it *-*
uhhum.. apologies for the poor quality photos of the gig.. these are the only ones we managed to snag with the camphone.. we were too busy actually enjoying ourselves!

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Jo said...

must be a Sydney thing :) I would have been groovin' along too, especially if it meant a night off from the kiddos!!


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