weesh! i'd spend my live-long days on Ravelry if i had the chance.. there's so many amazing threads going there at the moment, & such a hive of activity i'm soooo envious of people who get to craft daily! and post to forums daily! and update their shops daily! and read blogs daily! and... anyone want to look after a few kiddos for me for a few weeks so i can catch up on the forums & groups i've been meaning to get to for months now, eh? any takers? i swear i need a doppleganger to complete all the tasks i know i'm meant to.. but that's OK - i'm fairly used to my job-lot by now: you know the story.. two 3.5year olds & a 6.5 yo going on 12.5.. YEAH! Now THATS Ravelry i tell ya! *joke joyce*

fiber p0rn installment#1. LtoR: secret swap batt sneek peek; NEW Pinata Surprise Batt's (to die for) x2.

Some of you who are actually able to hang at Ravelry may have seen some new ads for my website happening this month. [ shriek] I know that means i "should" have had my NEW WEBSITE up by now.. but as per usual.. things around here became a little delayed, when last week i was out for the count - struck down by aliens testing me for fatigue-blood-boil-breath-sucking vampire virus.. mmm as they do. I'm actually able to catch breath now, & am carding like a mad woman on steroids to catch up for the lost time.. Don't aliens know how inconvenient it is to get sick? as a mother, there's never a good time. As a crafty fiberista/spin-diva, sick days are crewel. So i have taken my 'sick leave' sign down from my shop & am back for business. HA. that'll show em.. we only accept higher beings raying with love & light around here.. right *-*
So.. i promise, new website will be alive & kicking as soon as ethereally possible folks.

Playing with an amazing shipment from mandie.. whom i adore to bits..[carding up a storm & more for you spinsistar!] I made some silk cocoon lanters ready to spin into something totally wall-art worthy & yes.. a new product range is in the wings - woot!

Also, just received an amazing set of batts from Eling aka Travelling Rhinos.. she is one damn hot batt-maker, and a fabulissimo store owner too. I don't often treat myself to a fiber purchase, but i simply had to have this. I am sure you will understand. They never turned up due to some unknown black hole, and she offered to make them again for me (OMG) & do a swap with me to justify the extra postage..how fricken amazing is that! well she didn't have to ask me twice!

& here's fiber pOrn installment#2 for you spinstars out there. LtoR: some HollyEQQ handyed optim roving (smooochable indeed); new landscape batts; NEW Solid-wash batts: my new semi-solid handdyed superwash batts too! new batts in store soon ok i promise ohh the excitement! or is that fibergasm *he*

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Anonymous said...

take care of you honey - look forward to catching up with you soon


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