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Finally, my may update has begun .. & yep, i do realise it's now June.. i have one word to say about that lapse - vampires (see previous post). I hope to have my newsletter issues sorted out so i can sent one off to all my lovely spin-friends who are on my newsletter list.. i have been having issues retrieving the addresses.. wish me luck. I actually plan on having a whole new newsletter when my new website is up & running too.. just a heads-up for you guys (which incidentally, should be up in a matter of days folks!woot) ok, on with the UPDATE:

I have 4 spin kits on their way. . OMG irresistable 25gr battlets + spindoobie add.ins for creative spin-play: so nifty! Get your art yarn penchants pumping! These spin kits were introduced last update, and i am continuing to offer these colour coordinated batts with matching assortment of goodies to spin into creative yarns.. there's peace silk cocoons, sparkle pompoms, sequins strips, silk fabric strips and more.. go check them out *-*

New Solid-Wash Batts in 3 colourways.. 50gr batts - 2 of each colourway.
These are my semi-solid duty to those who resist variegation (i know you are out there!).. but really, semi-solids are something special - so handy to add to other colours, & to boost up some batts you already have. I personally love superwash as a mum, terribly practical when knitting for the kiddos -you can just chuck it in the wash & it'll come up as sweet as before the wash - i'll give it 10 points for no shrinking!

A couple of New Pinata Batts: These are simply AWSOME! Ultra fun mozza batts with surprises inside! Each is OOAK - never to be repeated, so jump on your horses i say! BEautiful random batts to free up your creativity *-* mmmm.... art yarn lovers idea of paradise!

Also, some divine handpainted silk caps, a few card-your-own grab baggies, and also some handdyed yarns coming back in store too. Keep a look out over the next few days, as i'll be updating infrequently! that'll surely keep you coming back, right!
Thanks much my fiber friends - i do hope you enjoy my fruits *-*
Spin on & spin well,

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