update & a new spinlove

De-lectable handdyed's now in store, ready for your hooks & needles!

LOPI is a bulky quick knit, perfect for fulling or making hundreds of pairs of shoelaces!
My Mum wont let me draw on the walls (pictured below) is saturate with a striking rainbow palette, dyed using non-toxic dyes. Each skein is a whopping 200gr/7oz! and one-of-a-kind. If you see something you like, don't leave it behind ok!
Thick & thin lambswool with nylon binder is a dyelicious very luxurious yarn. Individually handdyed with natural, non-toxic & acid dyes. Lime Zinger, Creme of the Crop & Vegie Garden pictured here. 285m per skein & each is unique!
More naturally dyed onion & indigo skeins will be listed throughout the weekend.. keep watch!
Thanks *SO* much for looking - you, my friends, are the beesknees!

Do you wanna hear about my new behind the scenes Spin Love?
Serendipity brought me a new wheel not so long ago.. enter Poly. She arrived just in time to meet our country Goddess before we had to bid her farewell.. & i managed to snap a pic of the three sisters before the imminent departure that i now cannot find. ek. here is Poly after her first wooldance session displaying her first yarn:

the yarn, titled What came first, chickn or the egg?, is spun in true easter-style with pink yarn from a romney named Baxter at homestead wool & gift farm, & an assortment of easter chicks and whole plastic glitter eggs from my kiddos loot wrapped into some locks. I'll make this into a sweet easter basket for next years' festivities.

Poly, a vintage spinstress, was handcrafted in NZ in the 1980's by Philip Poore. She's a little shorter than my traveller at only 70cm, but she brings with her small stature some
very large 11.5cm diameter bobbins. There are 4 drive band settings & the slowest ratio is 3:1. Her delta-style (translates as orifice-less) allows me to spin practically enormous doodads into my yarns without hitch.. & also the reason i could finally say goodbye to my country Goddess.

Poly & I seem to have hit off to a great start. Her brake spring required some minor adjustment as it wasn't pulling in as fast as i liked, resulting in excesively coily yarn, something i prefer to do with a sense of control.. coils are pretty but it's no good serving them up uncontrollably - I think it's important to have your equipment work for you, not the other way round! Initialy I cut the old stretched spring in half, but I ended up ditching the spring alltogether, preferring a trusty elastic band (the purple ones saved from bunches of asparagus) to do the trick. Here's another i spun from these fav batts of mine, turqoyz & ornj:

thanks for tuning in.. and checking out our yarn love
spin love to you *-* Michelle

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