Winter Magic & other woolly wonders

So where have i been? if you could let me know that'd be wonderful.. cos i seem to have left the planet. The crazy buzz of activity around my hive has sent me skyward, my feet not touching solid land due to the rush of activity. All the commotion must have been due to the skies opening up, the days gradually becoming a "little" warmer since the Winter Solstice last week (or was that 2 weeks now?! huh) and the apparent sun shining on us a little more than, well, before the solstice.

Speaking of that great celestial time, Katoomba comes alive Mid-Winter in honour of the grand occasion.. the near infamous Winter Magic Festival has to be the most exciting occasion for our little groove along the mountian-top.. many many thousands of people emerge from hibernation to dress up & party on the streets. I took some snaps of the 2008 Winter magic Parade.. check the first one out of my littlest.. i had NO idea the photo was taken during last year's Winter Magic until i stumbled upon it a few days ago whilst browsing the Magic photo gallery! *ha* she's been famous for a year & i had no clue! i am emphasising the Magic of the Winter Magic event, because the atmosphere, the drum, dance, performances are simply Magical! I am reminded how i love being a part of this vibrant community of Blue Mountain folk.

On to other things wooly now.. my website is *so* close i can practically touch it! YAY!

i didn't want to give a Launch Date perse, as way too many variables happen in my WAHM life for me to put a finger on which exact day it will indeed happen to grace the cyber yarn whirled! All i can say is .. any day now.. so keep clicking away & it will magically appear before you any moment! You will NOT be disappointed.. there's going to be some great art yarnie stuff happening *-*

The great news is that my site will definately be having a cart added.. can you see i'm liberated by the elevation from mere splash-page status to full-kit & caboodle *-* it's the little things in life that make me so happy! We have some work still to go with the shopping cart, so etsy will be business as usual until the cart is ready to go.. & yes folks, my etsy will take a back seat from then on.. but i'll keep you in the loop about that.

Theres a new studio in my garden! it grew in under 2 weeks and i'm beside myself with glee, as you can well see!

Here's the fruit of what has been taking my focus & pumping my shoulders these last few weeks. My family will be elated i'm sure to have the kitchen table back.. no more eating off lap-tables.. hehe. My dad came up & announced he was going to extend the little hut he built as a shed 6months ago, & promptly set to it - "all haste no speed" as went the mantra for the entire project.. but it went up in 2 weeks - seriously now!

It will double as a dye-kitchen & fiber studio - feltmaking, spinning, maybe even some intimate spin circle could eventuate in there, once the electricity, plumbing & insulation is in! what do you think? sweet huh! the colur is called Artiset by the way.. hmmm, very apt *ha*
Thanks for tuning in.
spin love,

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Anonymous said...

Yay for a space for you to retreat to and spin your majick la wooldancer :-)
Will email you tonight xoxo


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