sounds of quartz

I urge if you ever have an opportunity to experience a crystal bowl session, that you absolutely do not falter. My home, my heart, my family have been enriched beyond belief.
I am truly blessed to have had my friend and his teacher, Susie Nelson Smith from Karyna Centre, come into my home & conduct an environmental cleansing for my business. As if by magic they came to me in a time of need, guided by a higher force, to lift me up & hold me.
I feel so supported.
There truly is "enough" for us all.
I am reconnected to my inner knowledge of healing energy,
of deva's who live in the vast valleys of the mountain landscape. My training a decade ago in Reiki has been reawakened and I feel incredibly alive. today.
I came to realise a 7 year cycle as a mother of young children has reached fruition, and i am now ready to reach out & BE in the world again, beyond my family fold. I nearly feel ready to reinvent myself & Be my truth in the community.. to show my Self as a mother & an artist. Being the matriarch of my home for so long, this is both exciting & a little scary! As long as I have the courage to hold my vision, I know I am on the right path.
& So be it!


Heidi said...

Wow~ amazing...
I've never heard of Crystal bowl healing until now...You are very lucky to have the opportunity to experience this!
I am going to try and find someone who may do it here in Scotland!
I feel and understand about you venturing back into the world too...after being a mama for so long ( I am just beginning to look further than my nest after nearly 10 yrs!!)
I love being a Mother, and it's the best job in the world, but we have to listen to our own inner selves too and do what is important to us as individuals...
feeling connected to you wooldancer lady!
Heidi x

Wooldancer said...

thanks for connecting Heidi-fairy! YOU are amazing, and you keep your soul alive through your children.. Our motherhood is a blessing, and is yet the strongest of our challenges. Finding a Balance is most resonant for me now!


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