Friday is now LIVE!

I am over the moon in intergalactic bliss-out mode right now.. say anything to me & i'm a yes man.. i have the glass of red as i type to celebrate my new site's up! has hit the scene! & i'm swinging off the rafters with the glee & elation to have a beautiful ethereal home. i am sure you can imagine this is a galactic happening to actually achieve this amount of work infront of the pc during school holidays, the very same day my wares are being shown down at the Aussie Wool Show! oh.. it's all too much!

I have a boatload of work ahead of me, making fluffiliciousness to populate my new cart, and also get the wonderful fundraiser up & running called: Weaving a Future, helping to preserve traditional culture of handwoven "tais" cloth of East Timor. There will me more info on my site really soon..

Please.. go check out the new website.. and please, let me know if you notice anything other than superb.. & i'll fix it like the wind *-" must sign off & go happy dance at the drum carder - i'm into my new system of custom orders like no tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's one nice website! I wish you great success with your web shop. Will you be closing your Etsy shop?
I think you did an amazing job with the site and I saw no flaws!!

Suzi said...

Hi Michelle!
I just wanted to say how lovely your new site is! I wish you all the very best with it!
I also bought one of your batts at the Bendigo Wool Show and absolutely love it!! just gorgeous! All the items you had for sale were wonderful and i only wish i had more dollars with me!
Im really happy with my batt and when i have got it spun up i will be sending you pics for sure!
Again all the best for your new site and i just wanted you to know what a fabulous talent you are!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Michelle, I've stumbled onto your blog and now website through googling natural dyes. I have a dye business in NZ but have become really interested in natural dyeing after reading a review of India Flint's book which I've ordered. In the past I've been mainly a quilter and worked with fabric, but have latley become hooked on yarn which I adore hand-painting. I have 2 spinning wheels (and a loom!) but sadly have not had time to learn to spin due to the evil necessity of having a day job as well. I'll keep an eye on your blog from now on.

wooldancer said...

Thank you Helen *-* no, I wont be closing etsy.. i will be adding different product to my webstore, and etsy will become an additional online outlet, with a few minor differences.
Your batts are off the press by the way! and they are gorgeous!!

Suzi - hello! Thanks so much for checking out my Bendy-Batts.. i heard it was a hoot of a time at the show, despite the rain! Definitely send pix of your finished spins.. did you see the customer gallery on my site? there's a 10% discount if your pix are chosen for the customer spotlight!

i thought this was a barren desert out here, but evidentally not.. Mandie of egmtk fame assures me people do actually read my blog.. so. kewl. come say hi, so i can read your blog too!

Hi Shirley, thanks for popping by & leaving a comment.. i am still stuck inside all the beautiful pages in India's book - every dyer MUST own a copy. it's more than inspirational. i'm off to look at your blog now *_"


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