the partial ply discovery & some homely wonders

I seem to fall into the abyss of familydom & take ages to resurface! School resumed this week, so there is some semblance of normality going on now. Speaking of the home front, we took the plunge & finally moved the wooldancer squooshiness into my new studio (have i even uploaded pix of my new garden studio space yet?? has it really been THAT long?) .. which led to the major decision to relocate bedrooms which has been the BESTY thing we have done since buying the house a year ago..

We are all enjoying a little more breathing space now, with all 3 children sharing the main bedroom together.. after all the beds were moved MissA remarked "ah, back to normal again", which i thought was *so* sweet. . i obviously never realised how much she enjoyed being with the twins (they all shared a bedroom in our last house too.. she must have remembered!) Marcel & I have squeezed, literally, our bed into the front small room - very zen & loving it, and the other small room is now the walk in wardrobe.. it all makes so much sense now! The children even have floor space to play in their own room so I am not constantly tripping over the train track each time i walk thru the front door into the loungeroom. le sigh. It WAS a frantic weekend to achieve all that..let's just say two trips to ikea in the space of 3 days is enough!

So, now i have the studio to organise so i can get in there & dye up a frenzy.. I need to put the services on, yah, i NEED electricity & water up there, and insulate with some enviro foam.. or even some of that crappola downy fiber i was given a few years back could do the trick on a portion of the wall space.. we'll see. All i know is this is the crispiest coldest winter we have endured in the cool mountainous regions for some time.. & we are ALL over it. Spring - bring it on!

I shall leave you with a cheery woolly wonder that had me up until 3am one morning not so long ago, frogged only twice before i nailed the pattern that became this luscious Asymmetrical neck attire.. i just LOVE the wee hours for delerious moments of creative clarity!

Accessorize with Indiespun Art Yarn yeah! FiberArt: asymmetry neckwarmer FiberArt: asymmetry neckwarmer

For this neckie I used one of my terrabellaspun batt yarn & trim sets & it's heavenly! see the luscious onion-dyed organic merino lockeys in there as stripping sections.. oh, they are *so* soft n lushious n something else..

For my new Scarf & Trim sets I corespin the trim at the end of the yarn & turn around & part-ply it.. i winged that technique so dont ask me how i discovered part-plying.. but it is totally FUN.. i may show you guys one day at a workshop - it's a horror of a technique to do, you get a rush from it! yeah.. so now i am doing it to all my trims!!

see you soon *-* happy spinning


Shirley Goodwin said...

Good to hear that the house rearrangement is working well. We are having a very soggy winter here in NZ. I also have wonderfulideas in the wee small hours - but as an early bird, they occur when I wake up from a deep sleep.

wooldancer said...

hmm, a much more sensible approach than mine Shirley! enviable too. granted i am of night-owl ilk. i sleep in late.. i wonder if that sets pace for my day, as i always run so late!!

Kay Petal said...

I'm getting ready to undertake a huge rearrangement to make some studio space for myself. It's a wonderful space and I'm so excited but it's a big project that I don't really have time for. I'll manage! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi from a new fan! Kay


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