some of my most vulnerable moments happen when my children are ill. I find the need to retreat within our hearth fires to stoke & rekindle inner warmth. The unfathomable generosity & love from my herbal healer provides me a confidence that we are on the right path toward a healthy recovery, & even the strong mouth shuddering taste of the herbs is welcome when we all feel so erky in our bodies.

The moment when the GP says "you have a very unwell toxic listless child who should be assessed in hospital for pneumonia" sends shivers through my being & the reaction in my body tells my brain that i should be worried.. & the panic sets in. the worry is bone-deep inside me.. the anxiety palpable. I couldn't face the verdict, & fortunately my husband walked in to the surgery just in time to bear the news. Needless to say, her twin who was coughing up his own lungs was not going to escort his twin to hospital, so i took him & we spent a very anxious afternoon attempting to undertake the most mundane of activities, green with anxiety.

That was 2 weeks ago. The ensuing verdict of Tonsiilitis, indeed not pneumonia as anticipated, and bronchitis for the other twin, as opposed to the suspected Whooping Cough, were successfully treated with herbs & homeopathy helping to kill the bugs, strengthen immunity & aid recovery, and I reconfirm the reasons why we choose to use alternative medicine for our healing. Somehow, our experience with the Western Medical system sees people herded in & out like we were lining up at a checkout, ready to package up our diseases like groceries with little regard for emotional wellbeing.

Visiting my naturopath in her octagonal home replete with herbal apothecary, hot-stone massage table, tibetan prayer room and cosy logfire while she cooks up pure face creams using freshly grown garden plants, heals me from the inside-out every time. Needless to say, my children are not nervous to meet her for a cranial sacral treatment or to heal a deep cut with stingy herbs. Any anxiety is left at the door of the medical emergency room.. and thankfully for me we don't have to use it very often.

With the rain & snow, chilled outdoor temperatures of below zero and winds that blow you in the opposite direction, it has been timely to spend time indoors.. though Welcome are the recovered rosy cheeks in my little ones happy faces, and we are vernturing slowly outward again. With the twinnies at family daycare yesterday, I was able to consecrate my new studio with my first dyesession - yeeah! Pix to come.. but here are some belated pix I have just had time to upload onto flickr.

I did manage to card a handfull of batts during the creative down-time..
Raincloud Custom Colourway batts I managed to roll off the carder during these last few healing weeks.. they are on etsy as Custom 'made to order' style batts.. the BEST way to get your Wooldancin fix!

And a belated swap gift for faun.. batts to match this yarn.
Be strong. Be dyeing, but Be well!


Shannon said...

Whoooooo, I got chills reading this post! We have managed to treat every bump in the road of wellness with herbs and homeopathics thus far. The space where your healer practices sounds amazing...our naturpath works in a space much like a hospital room! Oh, well. We are lucky we can find someone at all in this area, so I count my blessings. I'm ever-so-glad your littles are well and rosy-cheeked again. What an adventure, Mama!

Wooldancer said...

Yes I agree.. finding a practitioner who encompases the love & care for your children as you have, is certainly something to cherish. Thanks for your heartfelt words.. unwellness is one craZy ride!


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