she sings like an angel

as written on my daughters' school report last term. i have to agree! Arly sings joyfully at the end of each night.. and we begin nighttime ritual with her concerts. last night was the first time I heard this song.. most probably an original composition by her class teacher which I called 'From an Acorn to an Oak.. the Tree of Life song'. I hope you can hear the LOVE!

Growing up.. The oaktree of Life from Michelle Snowdon on Vimeo.


Shannon said...

oh, so sweet! i am looking forward to the school year beginning and the songs my little guy will bring home to me...

Wooldancer said...

your heart will glow each day with the beauty your children blossom forth.. the nurture & care we experience at our steiner-esque school is reverent.. we are blessed. really.


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