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along the vine, originally uploaded by wooldancer.

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year?
i realise i am a whole month behind.. which is a revelation, as it means i am in-front of my 2-month lag that was 2008! [friends who see me daily know i have "better late than never" tattooed to my forehead.]
i used to blame it on having twins...

I'm back from my summer break.. the famdamily & I enjoyed a lovely holiday in Melbourne.. i even managed to spin out at Ceres Environmental Park with some fellow Ravelry friends - yay!

January for the wooldancin scene saw an outta-this-whirld Freeform Art Yarn Workshop, which i held at the NSW Weavers & Spinners Guild 2009 Summer School. (pix on flickr soon!)
I had the pleasure of spinning out with some of the sweetest, wide-eyed & creative spinstars.. & reports back from them they had a wonderful spinfest of a time too *-*

I am slowly getting some of my progress pix from the summer holiday work onto flickr.. the yarn pictured here titled Along the Vine was spun in the first week of Jan to get my spin-mojo ready for a crazy session of workshop prep. I was gifted 2 embroidered leaves from my friend & colleague Abby aka Folktale Fibres, along with some felty baubles.. they inspired this botanical boucle-esque yarn..

it was my first attempt to add just a section of 3ply boucle into a yarn (boucle is a 3ply technique usually done the entire length of the skein).. it was totally fun & i LOVE the results.. you can see the shiny boucle-bamboo in this pic.

off to catch up on some custom orders *-*

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