handspun wire yarn

Take a humble bobbin of copper coated wire,

..give it a spin with some fibre batts &.. voila!
A handspun wire amulet is born.

I have been spinning with wire for a while now and decided to teach the technique at my Freeform Spinning Art Yarn workshop.

There has been a bit of interest online as to which wire to use.
I now carry the wire i use in my store so you can have a go spinning some wire yarn too.. it's easy & so fun.. not to mention functional too. i love the sculptural possibilities of wire yarn.

have been contemplating applying for a little retail space at The Nook crafts & arts cooperative in Leura for some time now. I have been working on some wire yarn objects & neckwear, thinking they will make unique & interesting gifts. I am often asked if i have a retail store & perhaps it will be a nice compliment to what i do online. Being a co-op, stallholders work behind the counter 1 or 2 days per month, which might also be a lovely break from working from home. Still thoughts right now, i have to be accepted before i get too excited!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Stunning, Michelle!
I had some leftover copper wire from a knitting project and played with spinning it a bit...SO MUCH FUN.


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