Nikki Gabriel workshop

Sydney Design is in full swing.. this naturally called for a trip into Sydney-town on Saturday with my friend Pam to attend a knit workshop with designer Nikki Gabriel

Construction No#1 was on the menu & had us click-clacking away on hugenormous number 25's for the morning.. loving those pins.. i'm impressed to have started & finished a garment in under 3 hours!
casting off the first shape

                                                                        Pam & pins

               me wearing Nikki's hoodyscarf in her purpose-made screenprinted knitting tent

I love how Nikki takes simple shapes & creates totally wearable & gorgeous designs.  If you have ever been stifled by a knitting pattern, this is the knit system for you! Nikki demystifies the knitting pattern & simplifies it into shapes. These shapes can be knit quickly, & built upon to create multiple garment possibilities using the accessible language of shape.  I began my 'hoodyscarfvest' with the hood, but opted instead to make the hood into the top of my vest, which i quickly finished with a wider rectangle.

To top off the day, we spent the rest of the afternoon strolling & drooling over Young Blood Designers Market & DesignBoom Mart meeting designers, talking the talk, chatting up ideas, many of which are brewing away nicely...

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Monica said...


Your final knitted product looks awesome! I bought the knitting pattern, but have yet to start knitting. I'm just a student, so I couldn't afford the whole set (knitting needles + balls of wool etc)

Still searching for wool that'll work with the hoodie-scarf-vest. :(


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