my new made-it

  I have just uploaded my first two listings to the Australian handmade online market, Made-it. It feels great to be part of an online handmade community on my own shore.  Now I can post my southern-hemisphere (winter) woolly wares on Made-it, 

 while my northern-hemisphere (spring/summer) range hang out on etsy!
For those of you who are savvy in reading about changes with my website cart, this is part of the process. I'll keep you posted.
Now I can be across the seasons on the two sites, and i confess it will keep me sane.. as making summer neckwear during the brisk chill of winter is challenging.. when all i want to crochet are snuggly woollen sleeping bags! [mental note.. stand-by for snuggly woolly sleeping bags OTN (on the needles) ] hmm.. i'll have to spin me a river to make enough yarn!

A quick update on Wooldancer outlets:
brick & mortar:
The Nook Arts & Crafts Co-op, upstairs 133a The Mall, Leura NSW
next market dates:
* Sun 27 June: Old Bus Depot Market
* Sun 11 July: Creative Fibre, OBDM, Canberra
* Fri 16- Sun 18 July: Australian Sheep & Wool Show, Woolcraft Shed 3, next to main gate.

Clicky the linkys, or come visit me for loads of woolly yarn & fibre products not listed online!
I hope to share the warm fuzz with you soon,


Trudis Felt said...

Wonderful!! And how interesting this handmade online market! I will have a look at it. Thanks for the info!

flyhoof said...

Those are gorgeous! I especially love the pink one at the top! Very inspiring stuff. I'd never thought about the difference in time of year before (although its obvious!)... its great that you've found a way to overcome making too many summery things in winter and vice versa! :)

Wooldancer said...

Thank you !!
Trudis, enjoy looking around Made-it, I am eager to see if it is the right market for my wooly wares ;)

Flyhoof, hey thanks for the compliment on my neckwear! It has always been a funny thing, working to upside-down seasons! There is a sense of being in the landscape, the seasons have always informed my work.


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