this afternoon

this afternoon, originally uploaded by wooldancer.
having a tea party with my new crochet handspun wire yarn jewelery pieces, whilst working on some presentation ideas.

I am using my plant-printed & dyed wool felt swatches as backing for the broaches & pendants. These felts were dyed over a year ago when i first experimented with tea & coffee dye-baths, and some flower printing with black-eyed susan flowers, coreopsis (yellow), and various leaves. The swatches were apparently sitting in my studio awaiting this moment to arrive..


viltariet said...

Hey Wooldancer!!
I don't know who you are and where you live, but I love the work you make!! It's simply great.
I work with wool too. Felting, knitting and croaching and now and than I take my paintstuff and paint.
Can you tell me where tou buy your pin needles? I live in Holland and don't find a shop which sells them.
Love, Riet

Wooldancer said...

Hello Riet,
Thanks for your lovely comment. i will check out your blog too ;)
Do you mean the pins in the picture? They are pearl-tipped sewing pins, i don't recall where i got these, but i will look around for some, as I'd like to get more. i will contact you when i find them!

1funkyknitwit said...

Love what you do and these are great :D

viltariet said...

Great!!!Thank you very much!!!
Love, Riet


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