leo mane

leo mane, originally uploaded by wooldancer.
further adventures in tailspinning.. the luscious flowing locks of the Wensleydale sheep, courtesy of a lovely lady who visited me a few moons ago for a spin session all the way from the UK. Kudos to you for the amazing curls ;)  
During our spin-play session we stumbled upon a new fun way to make cocoons into butterfly wings! 

I love the fulidity of spinning yarn.. the continual flow of fibre between my fingers gives rise to many a discovery during the process. I need that outlet, a space where i can give permission to the ebbs & flow of my creative surges, allowing those energies to flow & become & be, a material expression of creative impulse.  I believe it to be very healing.. if you are a mama who does not yet spin yarn, you should try it!

- Corespun merino mohair, Fairn McNoon's lovely romney locks from Homestead and batty Butterfly-Cocoons spun in!

(there are more pix on flickr.. take a peek!)


Fibrefanatic said...

Wensleydale locks take me back to my childhood. Born in Yorkshire I can remember these white formidable dread lock sheep out on the moors in all weather. Now a spinner in Australia i wish I had taken more notice and brought a few fleeces with me. You have certainly honoured the brave and noble bearer of the fleece.

Anonymous said...

They tailspun looks fantastic. Since my session with you, I have done a bit more tailspinning and even made a funky teapot cosy in the shape of a sheep with tailspun yarn! Not sure whether you got the photo I sent. The colours are gorgeous. Michelle


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