Handspun 'Art Yarn' is alive & well in Sydney CBD

 "A Skein of Geese"
Playing catch-up now..
Last week I had the pleasure of collaborating with friend and artist Susie Dereau on a work for an exhibition which is now showing at the infamous Gaffa Gallery, Sydney.

Animal Collective Nouns is a bi-annual exhibition created by the Noun Collective, and features a diverse talent of artists working in a range of media. I was thrilled to have a handspun yarn included in the show. Our collective noun is "A Skein of Geese".

 detail. "A Skein of Geese"

 I spun this using naturally coloured & rare wools: Polworth, Gotland, Blue Faced Leicester, Alpaca and added some Goose feathers for good measure!  This photo details Susie's stunning Oil on Linen paintings.

A Skein of Geese
I wrote and article about it for a new blog 'Spin Artiste', dedicated to the art of creative handspinning, and am more than a itty-bit chuffed Arlene published it today.. woot!

If you are around town the exhibition is definitely one to see, and the jewellery designers' in Gaffa's shop Stirling are amazing to boot!


George said...

That's so wonderful! I shall try to stop in on a lunch break this week!!! I'm so excited for you! :D *hugs*

Wooldancer said...

Thanks Georgre! Fabulous.. I think you'll enjoy the show. I'd love to hear your feedback!

1funkyknitwit said...

Congratulations Michelle ! ...lovely piece and great write up :)


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