Vilte WORKSHOPS : Blue Mountains March 2012

Happy New Year my woolly wonderfuls.. I have enjoyed a breathtaking summer break with exciting news to share.. I have had the pleasure of conversation with Vilte, an acclaimed feltmaker from Lithuania, who is traveling to Australia during March to hold a series of her Poetic Felt workshops. I am tickled pink to be organiszing her 'Sydney' trip, where she will be holding 2 workshops in the Blue Mountains.

I have long admired Vilte's textural yet sheer nuno felt, poetic expressions that conjur a deep connection to natural fibres.. As you will read in the link above, Vilte's language about the process of making felt is enchanting and intriguing. Her workshops will be nothing short of a remarkable and enriching 5days!

For participants seeking supplies, I have taken a dive into my extra-special Wooldancer stash & put aside some very special longwool English Leicester fleece, coloured fleece, polworth & finn wool and lovely creamy 18micron merino wool top. I will also have some silk chiffon and paj available for the materials list. Let me know you would like to reserve a bountyful-bundle upon booking your place.

Wild fibers in modern couture : Drapable accessories 2day >>SOLD OUT<<

Day 1 – working on samples using raw fleece from various breeds of sheep or other animals as well as different untreated natural fibers (silk, flax, banana fiber, bamboo, etc). You will learn how to felt with raw wool and create drapable and live felt, how to create different textures with different wool (long, curly, fluffy...). You will learn how to create a material with new visual and sensual properties using different natural fibers and then manipulate it making the wild fibers speak in 3D form as well.

Day 2 – Discussing the samples, choosing the materials for a personal design of a shawl or other drapable accessory, anything that reinforces the free flow of wild fibers and wraps each body in very individual way, creating a very personalized look. Preparing prefelts for manipulation from fibers and beginning to lay out the design. Felting an finishing tips.

Please note that workshop program might be adjusted to suit the needs of participants.

Beyond the surface: fabric manipulation in making nuno felt dresses : 3day

Day 1 – working on samples using different  fabric manipulation techniques.
Day 2 –Discussing the samples, choosing the techniques for a personal dress design. Sketching a personal design of the dress. Counting patterns. Beginning to lay out the dress.
Day 3 – finishing laying out the dress and felting it. Finishing tips.
Working hours per day – 6 hours + time for lunch break

Vilte will assist you in creating your very own sheer silk/felt dress of your own design.. imagine!

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Australian participants: 
Bank Transfer is preferred, email: wooldancer [at] for details.
Overseas bookings available online

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