shifting & shaping + Vitle update

The new year is symbolic of turning a fresh new leaf, and it is heartening to read around the interweb accounts of the significance this time of year.. there is a special kind of energy that propells us toward, that moves us forward, one step at a time, or in leaps and bounds toward markers in life, achievement of goals, as grand or simple as they may be.

i have been shifting and renewing Beneath My Skin, excited at what this dragon year holds. As a mother to 3beautiful growing children, each a Muse to me in their own unique ways, i observe my own growth as a mother through them. Confronting, enlivening and enriching as it is, I strive to always do better for them.
this year, I resolved to make a huge life change, to live an authentic life and work with dogged determination to make a sustainable existence for my family as a creative being.. To throw caution to the wind, and to live more deeply into my life as Wooldancer.. not only as a business or label, but for all the real qualities of owning my creativity as my vocation. I have been granted such fortune during the years by taking this path, by living into the community as a wool-worker, as a designer, as a teacher, as a student, and I hold my place in this dearly. And so it is, to offer Wooldancer to those who are willing to see my work and attend my workshops, to live into my art in Daily Life as a creative person who longs to derive a supporting lifestyle for my family, propelling me forward into 2012.
This choice has come with some reservation, as the 'job' i took on, guiding & holding a beautiful space for young children as a Family Day Care Educator, as close to my heart as it is, was veering me in a direction I know in my heart is not All That I Am. It is scary to let the certainty of employment go, but I have also found that other doors are opening for my woolly pathway, one that is as warm, trusting & comfortable, enfolding my soul & spirit, holding me up with comfort that It Is the right choice to make. [I am thrilled to have been invited to teach Stage4 Textiles this term for Kindlehill High School.. a challenge I am humbled and excited about exploring; and there are Workshops, ever so many wonderful workshops!]

For some folk this choice may seem obvious. Today, society demands that we be 'other' than who we are, to work at 'jobs' that we really would rather not, had we experienced different life circumstances, or if not, to chase our tails to survive.  I have been contemplating & sketching for some yarns that 'reflect" this theme: To make ends meet, to scrape for bread and butter, to keep our head above water.. these notions are the foundations of leading a 'happy life', for most it is simply to get by and make do, to simplify for a 'sustainable life'. I'm exploring this theme for an art project that will be showing in March at Braemar Gallery. If you fell so compelled, do Comment with your thoughts about your views on what a 'sustainable life' means to you.

 This choice, for my pursual of a sustainable creative life, is partly due to you my dear friends, who read and follow snippets of my journey as Wooldancer.. with the warmth and enthusiasm I have felt. For if not for your encouragement and continual support with all my endevours, i would not be (wool)dancing to my own rhythm. A heart-felt Thank you.

Shifting again, and rightfully in grey, The 2day Vilte workshop has sold out, as has the 3day Beyond The Surface workshop.
Thanks to those of you who have enrolled. This will be a special experience. Stay tuned for more wonderful woolly workshops with Wooldancer!

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