on the edge..

There's nothing quite like last-minute deadlines to fuel momentum.. I am on the edge of my seat with excitement to have been invited to include a piece of work in the upcoming group exhibition, Design On The Edge.
title: TBA
cocoon handspun with finnish landrace fleece; artists hair; wire
The metamorphosis has begun, and I forsee many late evenings in the stars for me to complete this goal of a human-size handspun cocoon.

Do join me on Opening night Sat 14 April 5:30pm at Braemar Gallery, Springwood NSW
and hold me to my word that I will emerge unscathed from 2 weeks of mega-making workshop spree I embark upon tomorrow..
firstly, I am hosting Vilte, felt artist from Lithuania, with her 5day workshop, then I head to Ballarat for another 5day workshop with Fibre Arts Australia, this time with moi at the helm.

grab a wheatgrass & hold onto your seatbelt folks, this fortnight is going to be a ride for the books!

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