fast forward

It's been a long time between drinks my blog friends, so I shall attempt a photo-a-day record of fibery adventures since April this year..
It's been 4 fabulous fibre-filled months, beginning with a most memorable moment when I became a new bird amongst the fabulous flock known as Fibre Arts Australia. You know the story about introducing a new hen into the flock: sneak her in during the night, pop her on a perch, and in the morning the flock accepts her as having been there all along. I felt right at home, made welcome by Glenys Mann, a most generous organiser, whom I thank deeply for granting me the opportunity to be plucked out of the crowd and set on my perch for an incredibly inspiring week. Albeit Awe-struck at the company I was in, the feeling of Belonging remains true, and I hope one day to be back again amongst the fine flock of Forum fibre artists, some of whom I befriended and shall blog about here. Stay tuned!

Take a pictorial tour through my Fibre Arts Australia flickr set.

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