I Heart You

 'I heart You' handmade *gift cards by Wooldancer

The New year has begun with a flurry of activity for Wooldancer, with a well-spring of new ideas, new found skills, projects to work on, new art to make, new products & website to create, and here I am again attempting to revisit my blog as a part of my studio process! 

I know I know I hear you say, oh so much to do.. we are grasping the magnitude of life, and being grateful for each and every moment. Opening myself to new opportunities, friends and sweet moments of creating with natural fibres .. warming my soul in a myriad of ways.

You continue to inspire me through posts on FB, IG, Pinterest.. oh how much our world has opened up with these portals of inspiration, communication and channels to one another. I am thankful that at this moment our expanding Wooldancer community has amassed over 720 likes on FB growing daily, with over 300 crafty followers on IG, & not forgetting our 476 faithful flickr family, I feel we have a milestone to celebrate! 

My eldest has made some fresh lemonade, the sun is shining, and we are chirping loudly with the birds, I hope you can feel the love and joy too! We are celebrating YOU, and your heartfelt contribution to shaping the journey of our Wooldancer experience, dancing to the rhythm of our wheels and our own tunes, as we spin the threads of our lives, together.

Thank YOU!
 *'I heart You' handmade giftcards now available in our online store, and FREE with online purchases over $25 before Valentine's Day Feb 14!

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