NEW Studio Spin Sessions

I am thrilled to share with you my latest collaborative project, the Wooldancer Spin Sessions, a video series I am co-producing with MVMedia. With my uber talented man Marcel Varnel behind the lens, I am thrilled to bring our artistic visions to the screen for you to join me fly-on-the-wall stylee, and enter into the fibre world of Wooldancer!

After receiving requests from keen students and peeps overseas wishing to see the knitty-gritty of my creative process.. how i make expressive one-of-a-kind handspun yarns, how I spin & make the products i post in my shop, my wool dye methods, they way I make freeform crochet wearables,..  I decided to create a visual record of what I do in the studio. 

This video series will showcase many of my studio processes for you to view. I have uploaded my first video, Fibre Art Rolags, to Youtube and Vimeo. I personally love watching this in the Vimeo viewer.. and urge you to view in fullscreen!
The Spin Session videos are not intended to mimic How-To Tutorial videos saturating youtube.. instead I wanted to inject a sense of intimacy in the vision, so you can feel like you are right next to me, taking a Private Class. These videos are a glimpse into my process, and are a perfect preview of what takes place in my fibre art workshops.

"There is a fusion of skillful technique in construction & design, yet there is always an element of magic too! Come and join me in my studio, and share in my observations & joy in creating timeless Artisan yarn." - Michelle

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