'vegie garden' artspun knit beanie

when the weather turns to knitwear...

I gravitate to my growing stash of fibre tools : knitting needles, crochet hooks, looms etc and let inspiration strike for what the yarn is to become. I usually work backwards, like reverse engineering, gaining ideas from the textures & colours of the handspun.

I had the idea for this yarn after receiving the beautiful handdyed fibre from Cindy,, quite a few months back. The colours simply sprouted a Spring theme, and i began gathering add-ins.
Included in a package from Lacey,, was the perfectly coloured needlefelted wool 'leaves' which became the coil vegetable-esque forms. I also found a lovely icord my 5year-old daughter had knit on her french-knitter.. she loves to collect scraps of yarn i leave around the house to knit. It was perfectly matched to suit the theme for this yarn, so I spun it right in.

The spinning of this yarn began at Spin Fest completed shortly after. I knit it straight off the bobbin after a week of letting the yarn sit & relax its twist a little. I loosely followed the Slouch hat pattern from Lexi's book, Intertwined (i say loosely as I am a freeformer at heart and deviate from patterns as a general rule of habit!)

I have this beanie now for sale at The Nook, Leura, NSW. I hope to be adding more beautiful noggin-warmers to this collection soon.



yvette said...

missed your beauties a long time!

Wooldancer said...

yes, too many moons have passed.. and as much as i think i have no extra time for blogging, i have indeed missed sharing my creative moments with you

Ginga Squid said...

Brilliant noggin warmer!
Wish I could get my daughter to sit still enough to do some french knitting.

wooldancer said...

oh she will get there.. those little nimble fingers are so busy, and they will soon-enough find their way towards making loops of loveliness ;) My little ones really only came to it from age 4&half.


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