Visit me at Old Bus Depot Markets, Celebration of Wool day!

I have breaking news that I will be at the infamous Canberra OBDM on Sunday May 16, 2010!

This is absolutely an honor to be offered a spot so late in the piece.. with only a week to go, I am in complete (insert adjective of choice) hyper-making-mode of procrastination..  right now within the necessary lull before the storm of productivity!

So, instead of working thru the midnight hour tonight, I am going to visit Finders Keepers with my friend Pam.. we are attending with bated breath after our joint-application was not accepted this time round. We will be scouting all fibre stalls hungry for hints on what to do better next time when applying ;)

To Do list:
make make make until i drop:
- handdyed top & fibre packs
- batts
- art yarn
- NEW winter woollie designs : Artspun Neckwear

( - and, time permitting,  possibly even a few brand new (shh) wearables I have been making with my Grannies vintage yardage.. but it is still top secret, my lips are sealed for now.. )

Can you come visit?  I hope to see you there for some yarny hugs
xo Michelle

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