Spinning out with Insubordiknit

Jacey demo, originally uploaded by wooldancer.
I have finally had a chance to upload pix of the 3day Spin Fest weekend I hosted in the Blue Mountains back in late March!

No thanks to a low-blood-sugar moment & smashing my iphone on the bare concrete-laden floor during the set-up, it's a miracle I could even take photos with it!

So, please excuse the poor quality of some of these pix, tho if you look thru the whole set you will see we had a most excellent time with Jacey teaching a panting crowd her most fabulous Art Yarn skillz. I especially loved every single moment, albeit exhausting, I can't thank her & Mandie enough for making this event a possibility..

And most enjoyable was that I went home from a weekend with a nigh 2dozen new friends! You spinsistah's rock!

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